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Pretty Damn Quick

Avi Moskowitz

Founder & CEO

After firsthand experience with the nightmare of logistics for SMBs while launching BeerBazaar online, Avi launched PDQ to simplify ecommerce logistics and enable merchants to meet the ever-increasing customer expectation for faster and lower-cost shipping.

Liran Erez

Founder & CPO

Liran Founded Pyro, a leading digital agency. In 2020 Liran met Avi and launched BeerBazaar‘s online store which quickly grew and experienced the pains of logistics and deliveries. Liran together with Avi created PDQ to end the logistics nightmare for SMBs.

Is shipping a royal pain in the mail?

We get you, friend.

You run your own business.

You deliver products with loving care and passion. Your clients have noticed too, and those orders keep pouring in.

Just before you could gloat, reality came-a-knocking.

Delayed shipments, abandoned carts, angry customers and so much mother-loving time spent managing logistics.

How do we know all this? Well, we lived it too.

We're the only order management platform focused on keeping the customer promise & on-time deliveries. Everything flows from there.

So if you want to delight your customers, better your reputation and build brand loyalty without all the bull-sh*p, we got you covered,
Pretty Damn Quick.

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