Plug & Play Logistics

From Checkout to Delivery

Streamline every touch point of order management
to become a logistics and delivery expert

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Imagine a world where any merchant can provide expedited on-time deliveries without any knowledge or experience with logistics
Simplified Logistics Workflows and Intuitive Fulfillment Modules to Make Anyone a Pro
Double Digit Savings on Logistics, Delivery and Shipping to Allow Free Standard Shipping and Much More
Endless Connections to All Carriers & 3PLs with Continuous Scale and Optimization in Mind
Unlimited Delivery Methods With No Cost for Development to Enable an Additional Revenue Source
Expedite Your Deliveries with Ease
Customers want low cost and super fast deliveries. You want happy customers and higher conversions. PDQ adds a crucial technology layer across checkout, fulfillment and shipping to deliver as promised much faster and with lower costs.
“No more paper, emails and spreadsheets. Easy and intuitive
yet powerful and robust.”
Arkadi Haitov, SOHO. 100% DESIGN SHOP
🧠 Dynamic Checkout
Using PDQ's dynamic checkout integration, the customer’s expectations for faster delivery is set in real-time based on all relevant variables like; ship-to address, cut-offs, business days and more...
  • Delivery Promise Rules & Conditions
  • Geo & Time Based Delivery Methods
  • Auto Carrier Pairing and Volume Control
  • Expedited Deliveries as a Revenue Source
  • Alternative Delivery Options Out-of-the-Box
📦 Validation & Fulfillment
Each order is automatically pushed to PDQ’s funnel where every order is deeply examined and fulfilled based on order details and chosen delivery method to make sure it is applicable and deliverable as promised, without any errors or potential delays.
  • Order Status & Fraud Detection
  • Address & Phone Validation
  • Auto-Fix Recommendations
  • Exceptions Management & Notifications
  • Delivery Promise Prioritization
🚚 All Delivery Methods
Using PDQ's robust delivery-method support, every order and batch can be easily paired to the best delivery solution based on click-to-door rate, customer delivery promise, shipping costs and other logistic rules.
  • Integrations to Domestic Carriers & 3PLs
  • Last Mile Solutions & Fleet Management
  • Pickup and Ship-From Delivery Support
  • Delivery-Promise Visibility & Prioritization
  • Centralized Tracking with Promise Flagging
Case Study
BeerBazaar leveraged multiple carriers to accept and process more orders, expand delivery options and revenues and improve overall customer satisfaction
Delivery Promise Rate
Decrease in Operational Costs
Order Processed Per Day
< 2 Days
Click-to-Door Deliveries
Delivery is at Center of the Customer Experience
PDQ gets smarter with every order processed to enable merchants compete with today's Prime-Like delivery expectations, so you always deliver on your customer promise.
Actionable Dashboards that Support Real-Time Decision Making for Optimized Logistics Operations
Predictive Deliverability Algorithms Enable Faster Click-to-Door Rates that Positively Effect Your NPS
Personalization and Smart High-Touch Fulfillment Insights to Allow Customized Service Level Per Customer
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